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This Yule I wrote Family of Blood and Memories, an October Daye fanfic about... familial relationships around Toby, such as they are. This is a topic which probably deserves a longer fic - several longer fics, but at least about the Luidaeg I don't think I could have written more than I did - a drabble-sized bit was hard enough. I mean. It's the Luidaeg.

(I just wondered about a possibility of a HL crossover and her meeting with Methos. But among other things it would need careful work with mythologies: what are the Immortals in the world with fairies?)

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Nov. 14th, 2014 06:44 pm
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 Posted a bunch of my Takarazuka fanfics from last year on AO3. Probably will post newer ones there too. As they're in Russian, there's not much  sense in it except for completeness' sake. But in a way I am trying to be unsocial in fandom - blog things no matter whether anyone is interested in reading them, write fics and not post them/not expect feedback, things like that.

(I did go to Yuletide this year, but even though I have been doing Yuletides forever, I am pretty unsocial there - I just write a fic, that's all. Well, I managed a couple of fics a couple of years)

Also, I think I've been affected by the season - I don't know the right word; I am not depressed but I kind of feel like shit, tired most of the time and not feeling much pleasure in anything in particular. Always feeling I need to catch up with something, not sure what. This is a difficult year.

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Thank you for writing for me! I am sure whatever you manage will be fine, but here are some details about what I like in stories in case you need more help/inspiration.

General likes and dislikes )
Specific fandom details )
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First of all, thank you for writing for me. I really love Yuletide (no matter how much I panic around my own writing) and I am sure this year will be as fun as ever.

I had fairly detailed notes in my request, but just in case:

Here's more about my specific fandom requests. )

General stuff! As always, I like non-dark stories for Yuletide, preferably with happy end. This year's requests are also fairly crack-ish and crossover-friendly (though if things you do cross over with are rare maybe include some notes for explanation? I dunno).

I am fine with gen, het, slash and femslash. I like plots, though I realize it requires more space than the Yuletide minimum 1000 (I rarely manage long stories for Yuletide myself). I like getting a sense of the everyday life for the characters (yes, even the otherworldly ones), I like details and stuff like this.

I also am terribly bad at explaining what kind of stories I mean, probably, so here's the links to some of my past Yuletide stuff which is more or less what I mean, except for the lack of crack and the fantastic and of crossovers. Well. Here you have them. )

Anyway. Basically I am sure that whatever you feel inspired to write will be great. Have a great Yuletide experience!

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May. 5th, 2012 02:25 am
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Suddenly I rather want a Parasol Protectorate fic set a hundred years in the future. I mean, with so many immortal-type characters being so fashion-conscious, how would they deal with swinging London? Must ask for Yuletide if I don't forget and if it is still eligible.

Also, watched the first episode of Miss Fisher Mysteries, and it's excellent and fabulous. Only, what's that about her sister or whatever? Was it in the books and I forgot, or is it the scriptwriters' random attempt at character motivation?


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