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Mar. 14th, 2012 04:39 am
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I may be a weird fandom animal, but I remain completely untouched by the major SF universes... Failed to be charmed by Star Treck (one original Treck film, a bunch of TNG eps because they were on TV, a bunch of DS9 eps for research purposes - thrown off by the religion themes, the only one I remembered and rather liked was Kira's flashback episode), failed to be interested in Star Wars (the novelization of original trilogy + Phantom Menace)... even funnier with Doctor Who - started watching both the 9th and (for completeness of sort) the 1st, never went past one multipart episode with the 1st, kinda fell in love with 9th and Rose, then realized that there's only one season of the 9th and read the spoilers about Harriet Jones and stopped after episode 10.

... oh, I used to love Babylon 5 when it was on TV - only they didn't show the last season, the telepath one, and when I later saw a couple of eps, I stopped watching quite soon. Not sure if I am ever going to rewatch (then again, I'm so slow at watching stuff that I rarely rewatch anything. People who watch a whole season in a day sort of terrify me - I usually take a couple of days for an episode.

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Jan. 25th, 2010 03:22 pm
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People are weird. Someone speaking about watching New Who: "Well, I haven't paid much attention to Rose while I was watching the first two seasons; she seemed such a pass-through character..." Huh? Am I missing something since I'm just in the beginning, or was that person watching something entirely different from me? Because I kind of can't understand how it is possible to watch this not paying attention to Rose.

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Jan. 24th, 2010 09:15 pm
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I was never and still am not an 'audial' person. I have bad memory for voices, I am bad at remembering things I listened to... but I have this fascination with English accents. I am bad with them too, I can't distinguish them (and I hate to imagine what _I_ sound like when I'm speaking English. I have few occasions for practice and all the problems of a bookish child learning new words from reading), but I love listening to them. My first and biggest impression from watching Life on Mars was 'This accent sounds lovely!' (and the second was 'there's something wrong with Sam's ethics, but that's another story).

... so I watched a couple of episodes of the New Who. Which I liked, despite not really caring for SF-and-fantasy-in-the-movies, but my chief impression also was 'I love how they sound' (I also watched a bit of the classic Who, but it, of course, sounds more flat).

Am I weird or what? :)


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