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Feb. 2nd, 2013 12:27 am
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I am now horrifiedly imagining conversations between Maura Isles and Spencer Reid...

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Nov. 3rd, 2011 04:05 am
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I am having a spontaneous weekend/holiday in the middle of the week (I started early? We're to have that Ridiculous Holiday on Friday). I think I needed that.

... watched Criminal Minds 7.02. Or tried to - skipping bits and turning away in parts. I do not like the theme of injuries to eyes. And acid. *shudders* The episode itself was good, though, mostly all about the victim's family. With lovely grim Hotch. And a cute scene at Rossi's in the end.

Also, some writing. It's really easier once you open a page and tell yourself "Now write". Two pages. Good (for me), and I think I have some ideas for tomorrow.

And I finished that damn bit of sky on the Suzdal cross-stitch. Now only backstitch and all will be ready. I like backstitch.

Since it's better to watch stuff with some mindless bit of needlework, which backstitch isn't, I started a scarf. Very basic knitting, knit-knit-knit all the way, but fancy yarn. I like fancy yarn, it's sort of kind to inexperienced knitters. I still have plans for that shawl, though. Once I grow some brain back (do I ever?)

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Oct. 12th, 2011 05:00 am
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A bit earlier there has been a splendid rain outside - I couldn't resist opening my window to listen, even if that required wrapping myself in a blanket. I do love rain at night... both for the sound, and for the way the city looks in the morning. Also, it's so nice to put on woollen socks at night - and wriggle my toes a bit from enjoyment of warmth (and woolliness) I really should learn knitting socks one day - not just now, though; I've yet to figure out the shawl, and the socks are a complicated thing, as far as I know.

Apparently I know too little of my main characters' past. I might just look for character questionnaires except that I'd feel too stupid filling them in. But really, I'm not even sure how they chose their career - how much of it was what they wanted and how much was 'everyone's going'. And no, that's not LBB fic. But it's another long fic - no, story, not a fic. Which needs to be written.

Watched Criminal Minds 7.01 - it was lovely like meeting old friends (in a way I watch Takarazuka shows like this, for 'old friends' whom you like just seeing onstage), and seeing the gang back together (though I'm glad Hotch shaved fairly quickly. And I can't imagine what  FBI would be doing wherever he was). JJ looks a bit older. Reid looks a bit younger - that's the effect of the haircut, I think (I like him with short hair, I rarely like men with longish hair - looks too untidy and scruffy). Also, Strauss was awesome.

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Jan. 21st, 2010 06:39 am
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Caught up with Criminal Minds. 5-09: very good (and I'm glad that arc is finished. I don't like Monster-of-the-Year arcs), liked the structure. And Strauss. 5-10 - decent, 5-11 - not very, 5-12 - good and scary (and yes, I'm too lazy to write it up properly).

Am watching the pilot of The Forgotten. It's boring.

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Jan. 18th, 2010 12:55 am
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Spent Sunday cross-stitching (I bought a new kit and started it right away: photos  of my daily progress are here - picasaweb.google.ru/taelle/AutumnComingRuYi#) and watching Criminal Minds, catching up with season 5. I have now watched up to 5.08 (and decided I don't want to end the day by 5.09) - and they were good, but 5.07 reminded me too much of that ep with comics artist and 5.08... well, I hate prison scenes. I just do not like any prison stories at all. Also, I was worried about Eastern European fail - not that there was any of it in the end, but they had so little time given to that, so maybe it was just lucky.

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Joined a reading community here (with a goal to read 175 books this year. Since almost half of the year has passed and I've read only 60, I have a good chance of failing. Still. I have to try. At night when I sleep the unread books in the room gather round, and their circle is getting smaller. Tighter. They may just eat me, I think).

Still haven't watched CM season 4 finale. Also, I have some unwatched series from season 2. And a fic to plan.

Watched pilot episode of The Closer. Planning to watch ep 2.

I have things to do, and I want to do them, but I seem to be in a winter state of being: wanting to sleep and eat and having no energy.


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