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So I went to Israel for a week and it was pretty awesome (and I have 700+ photos to deal with). I want to come again, with a route more tailored to my particular touristic tastes. I am not sure I'd want to _live_ there, though (summer weather!), even though I may end having to.

Also, once again I feel annoyed at myself for not knowing all the languages. Oh well, my slots for language-learning all taken for now.

Also want to read more about current culture/social situation there. We ended up watching a strange program we first thought was a reality show and then I am not sure (just because it had Russian subtitles), and we ended up researching what was a freha and what problems are connected to this.

Reading-wise (this started as a belated Wednesday reading post, after all) I mostly read Rivers of London fanfics. I started reading a Petit Fute guide book but haven't finished it yet; also started a memoir by an Israeli officer of the pre-Independence/ Independence War era, very fascinating.

I did finish Lia Silver's Prisoner, which was interesting - I somehow loved the life at the secret base being actually life - but did not feel like a whole book.


Sep. 28th, 2011 05:53 pm
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Yesterday we went mushroom-picking, which is something I wanted to do for a while - since last year at least. But when you live in a big city and don't own a car, it's a complicated organizational issue.

... anyway, we did it - a friend of ours who knows good mushroom spots drove us almost to Priozersk, more than two hours by car, and that's starting out from the edge of the city. And I did get a bit carsick even though I was in the front seat. And for the last half an hour we basically drove through the forest and the road was awful - it was raining all of last week, so we went from puddle to puddle, seeing fountains of dirty water behind our windows.

And it started raining once we were in the forest, too. My jacket has a hood, but I took it off because I don't hear that well while wearing it, and calling out to each other is the best way to keep track of people while in the forest. So there was water running down my face, and my hair got absolutely wet (and then got dry without my combing it out, so I looked kind of frightful in the mirror). And I lost my knife sheath (and am still worrying about where I'll get a new one). And the first spot wasn't that good - I did find a couple of young Aspen mushrooms (I am translating the mushroom names with a dictionary and they do look weird like this), but mostly there were these mushrooms which I do not know the name for and which are only good for pickling.

But then we went to another spot, a more open one, and it started looking like the 'noble' mushrooms really like hilly places - I started finding big, full-grown Aspens, and Mother even found some ceps (I never found any), and things started getting cheerier, even if I was already pretty tired by that moment, and we spent some time congregating at the meeting spot and going back and forth to find those who weren't back yet.

It was the last spot, though, which was the best one. It got sunny, and the forest was full of young fir trees, and there were three different types of moss, all so colorful - white, pinkish, green - and the blueberry leaves already were red (also, lots of blueberry, and it was very sweet, though I was too lazy to pick it seriously and mostly just ate it on the go). And the mushrooms! I think I never in my life saw such bold ones. You see a really big browncap in the middle of a clearing, maybe weighing half a kilo, and you lean to pick it up (or to take a photo), and then you turn your head and see another one on the edge of a clearing. And they all were good and not too old, and the young ones so perfectly beautiful... And you could hear birds singing.

My aunt did not want to leave - she kept saying she'd stay in this forest. And I kept finding mushrooms on the edge of the road while I walked towards the car. And when we were already driving out, my aunt cried out 'Stop! Stop!' and ran out and came back with a nice big Aspen.

And the potato-and-mushroom supper last evening was quite tasty. I ache in all the weird places today, but I'd certainly go again, even though I doubt I'd get an opportunity. Oh well, I still have photos to sort.


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