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I've been noticing that some books for me are like a test: I can handle people saying that they don't like/don't understand them, but when people start making _judgements_ on them, it makes me want to move back. Austen is a clearest example. "Austen? Oh, I am not interested in romance novels/chicklit/one more book about girls looking for husband'. Uhhhuh, and I am probably not interested in _you_.

Also, I've been reading an interesting blog, and its author had a post about bringing out and analyzing her internal convictions. And, well, she used crafts as an example - that for her paper crafts is stuff you do with kids, sewing and knitting is normal but still it's more economical to buy stuff... well, the basic conviction she discovered is kinda evident. And it threw me into thinking about me and crafts. Because my first instinct was 'She's right, and what I do is useless' - I do have some periods of thinking like that, usually stopped by 'and what _isn't_ useless?'

But. I know I am not interested in paper crafts, and sometimes I think it's because I find them useless, but. I know some people don't do cross-stitch because is useless... and maybe it is. I often find cross-stitching quoted as this ultimate example of useless fiddling, stuff old-fashioned spinsters/housewives do. And I certainly have a bit of inferiority complex because I use patterns created by others - not creative at all, basically a version of painting-by-numbers. (then again, I mostly consider myself not a creative person anyway).

So, am I trying knitting because it's useful? Because it's more creative? I certainly knit much worse than I cross-stitch (though it's difficult to cross-stitch badly) Even in fandom, knitting is kinda cool, and the only 'cool' cross-stitching is that book that offers patterns for cross-stitching the word 'fuck' and stuff like this.

... actually, no, I don't - I mean, I am also trying sewing, but that _is_ kind of practical, while knitting feels somewhat similar to cross-stitching for me, this process of doing things stitch by stitch, slowly, without trying to get this all at once (I am a slow person rather tired from the world that keeps wanting me to embrace whole processes at once and to be spontaneous and creative).

As for paper crafts, the simple truth is that I don't enjoy handling paper and cardboard the way I enjoy floss and yarn and fabrics.

I tend to forget this at times, though.

And I would love to knit better. And to not be afraid to sew and knit for myself (well, knit not-scarves for myself). And possibly to quilt.

* * *

Feb. 17th, 2012 08:56 pm
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Today it got warmer a little and sun shone into my window in the afternoon. It's amazing how much better I felt. ... I made an effort and did not take a nap no matter how much I wanted to - it's time to switch to a more daytime regime.

I am sorting out my fabrics. It's amazing how much fabric I amassed for someone who sews at best for the dolls. Will I ever dare to sew for myself? I have some stuff that I'd really like to wear as clothing (temporary break of language - I don't mean I'd wear the fabric as it is). I guess once I'll finish the project of the basic wardrobe for each of my dolls, I'd have to find a courage to graduate to people-clothes. Maybe doing mock-up first, because I am really afraid to spoil the fabrics (one of the reasons I am not sewing; I am also afraid to knit stuff like sweaters, even though you can't spoil yarn, can you?).

Reading-wise, I picked up Buchan's Castle Gay again - I slowed down because I was not very interested in young protagonists, but now things are picking up; I am also in the middle of the 6th Thursday Next book - as always, I am amazed by Fforde's imagination.
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I finished the job.

So I spent today thinking deep and weighty thoughts. Like "I'd like to rewatch Elisabeth, but what version should I choose?" Those thoughts were so deep that in the end I watched three episodes of Britain's Best Drives while cross-stitching. Watching-wise, it was very pretty, but it got me thinking about how people's attitudes to the past are coloured by their own aging. The presenter kept thinking whether the 1950s were a happier time, and many people have said that yes, they were, but of course, everyone who remembered the fifties has their opinion coloured by personal memories of being young... Then again, can a society be considered happy, or it is always 'golden past', etc.? (once I asked my LJ flist which is fairly multinational, whether any country is currently happy/pleased with its political leadership. I think the best case for 'yes' was fairly tentative...)

Cross-stitching-wise, I am still stuck at the most boring stage of having to finish the last colour - a corner of the sky. It so much looked like it would never be filled that I started alternating: a bit of the sky, a bit of backstitch. I like backstitch.

Also, trying to bring a bit more order to my craft corner I suddenly made a skirt for one of my doll. Well, cut it out and roughly sewed together, I was too tired to deal with the sewing machine. That's for tomorrow (hopefully). I'm not much for sewing and patterns make me headachy, but the dolls do not mind and I keep hoping I'll get better.

And, of course, after an interval in writing, it's difficult to start again. I wanted to start a short fanfic based on a Takarazuka musical, a basic fix-it, but then my brain told me that I haven't dealt with _all_ characters who needed fixing. Oh right, and that included one that was arrested - rightfully. Now, how do I make his future life happier? I'll try to convince my brain to limit myself to planning the future of sweet, simple and nice characters. Maybe.


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