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Feb. 14th, 2012 10:40 pm
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I keep thinking about my attitude to blogging. Thing is, diary keeping is a habit of mine, but blogging - a public exercise by its nature - sometimes makes me worry that I am doing something merely to blog about it; or that I only ponder on things to blog about it. Does a thought exist if you do not declare it to everyone around? I mean, I do love sharing things and I come by this honestly - my father is always prone to grabbing people and giving them lectures about whatever interests him now (like all my friends by now know more than they ever wanted to know about Takarazuka), but... I still feel uncomfortable and at these times I count it as an achievement if I have done things I haven't blogged about.

Back to Takarazuka, today was the big news day - the announcement of the new top stars of Moon Troupe, long delayed: and I swear that since the first show with new tops will be Romeo and Juliette, they were waiting for Valentine's day! Of the news themselves... I'm not sure what I think - they are promoting people too young, and they're playing some complicated games with the internal hierarchy. I am worried, curious and impatient to know how this new arrangement will work.

Oh, and I finally got my prize from Ahmad  Tea company - a lovely green teapot, totally worthy of having to endure our post office (queues. Headache-inducing and dizzying queues. I do so hate queueing).
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I may be getting prudish in my old age, but I really, really can't understand why an article about an amazing woman and her achievements should be written in the style of "and then she wrote a letter to the editor ... bitchslapping the everloving fuck out of a sexist ballsack of an article" (Nellie Bly, in case anyone's interested). Does it make her cooler, or what? It does make _me_ a bit uncomfortable.

Our mail decided to act and gave up a whole bunch of Christmas mail it held hostage. It also proved that it doesn't know the difference between Austria and Australia, because I was notified that I had a package from Austria - which surprised me a lot, until I started to suspect what they meant. [identity profile] calanthe_b.livejournal.com, thanks! I did not own it, no, and now I am kind of thinking about a reread...

Meanwhile I have two jobs to do at once, and being rather slow at both - oh well, I always start slow.

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Jan. 10th, 2012 04:06 pm
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An introverted person is, in my experience, is not someone who is shy/does not like to spend time with people. It's someone who gets _tired_ from spending too much time with people.

I need a vacation from my vacation. Also, do not feel like stitching my two main UFO cross-stitchings. Also, I want the post office to wake up and to bring me my Xmas/New Year mail - I believe I am due some of it.

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Nov. 17th, 2011 09:08 pm
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And now they are thinking of a Federal-level law for this stupidity of ours. And I'm not even surprised, but I keep being surprised by homophobia on the fandom level (from an anon meme type thingy: "I am annoyed at people rallying against this law. Come on, people, do you really think that propaganda of homosexuality is normal?")

... in possibly cheerier matters, mail finally delivered me some fannish goodies. And I might be drifting towards Yuletide after all.

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Nov. 10th, 2011 06:20 pm
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I am totally in hate with this world. EMS is being sloooooooooooow with my package (why is it that when I'm out of the city, a package from Japan takes 6 days to come and arrives when I'm still not back, and when I'm home and waiting, it's already 8 days, 3 of which are spent on local Customs office?), I can't sleep when I have time to sleep, my E-book takes more than 24 hours to recharge... Well, you know how it goes.

Had a fic idea yesterday, though. Silly and melodramatic fixit genderbender AU, and I'm not sure I'm writing it, and even if I do, I'm not sure I'm showing it to someone, but still. It amuses me.
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I feel too tired to do a proper workload, and this troubles me greatly. Perhaps I should go back to taking vitamins - I can never quite believe in their effectiveness, but I must do _something_. ... but I did manage the minimum work I had to do today. Oh well.

I have this habit of making work pauses to read Internet discussions, since they're much less engrossing than any other type of break I might take (the downside is, of course, that I don't rest properly - I'm still at the computer).Today (and yesterday) I was entertaining myself with people arguing whether it was ethical and/or legal to do print-on-demand editions of fanfics. I can't quite imagine why it would be less legal than posting fanfiction online, since the fanficcer still gets no profit, but apparently a lot of people feel that an actual book done by an actual publisher makes all the difference (I suppose they feel the fanficcer in this case puts herself on an equal footing with the author of canon. Or something). Oh well, you learn something every day.

Had to mail some documents, so I walked to the 20-minutes-from-us post office, instead of the one on our street - like I started doing recently. I still marvel at how two post offices can be so different. No queues, a nice walk and  postal employees who do not feel sending mail or packages a panic-inducing task - so very refreshing. Though our post office was also surprisingly nice today - for some reason they delivered a package to our apartment instead of bringing a notice for me to go get it. I can't figure out their rules. ... also, the walk to the farther p.o. is through one of my favourite places in the city, especially now, with golden autumn practically at its best. I do love it here.

I continue reading Tolstoy for secondary characters, but I can't help wondering about Pierre. He's so childish... I had an argument with my mother today, about how peculiarly he was brought up, neither as a man of society nor as someone who'd have to work for a living. If his father planned to legitimize him and presumably have him as a heir, why did he leave Pierre so poorly socialized?

... also I suddenly thought that in a way Sonya is Fanny Price, only without a lucky ending - refusing the suitor she did not want and not getting neither the one she wanted nor any respect.

Also, I felt too tired to write but I know myself and I went and wrote a tiny sketch of a Preposterous AU Crossover (another one) - however, this one requires planning before writing anything sensible. Am I up to planning? There's a lot of writing stuff that I should be planning, from this AU to my LBB fic, but I am terribly bad at this. Oh well, guess I'll have to learn.


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