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Dec. 2nd, 2014 09:41 pm
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I have a new phone - my first Smartphone - and I am trying to learn to use it... naturally, the first app I got was Kindle. (still, it's weird to touch screen - I try to wipe it all the time!)

Now what else do I install. Life is hard.
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New Year's presents: sweets, some more sweets, two cross stitch kits, tea, P. D. James's Time to Be in Earnest.

I went to check GoodReads and you can apparently log in through Facebook, so I guess I am on GoodReads. Though I've yet to read anything in this year... though I cross-stitched a bit of one of the kits I was given (I like to start a new one on Jan1, and last Jan1 I started a kit from the same series).

I am also thinking about whether to try Flickr - some sites (like DW) don't much like Picasa code, and I do like to post photos sometimes, even though I have yet to go through, say, September ones from Novgorod.

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Feb. 28th, 2012 01:05 am
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So, TV channel 1 tells us that anyone who doesn't believe in Putin assassination attempt is mentally ill. Why, hello, Soviet punitive psychiatry, is that you peeking from behind the corner?

I am so tired of this all. I did not want to vote for Prokhorov but maybe I will. At least he has an intelligent sister. And it'd be interesting to see just how many votes he will be allowed to get.

In less depressing news, I have a shoe urge. I feel like this year I need to buy autumn boots, walking shoes and dressy sandals... and maybe something like mary janes too. I always wanted to.

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Feb. 20th, 2012 12:51 am
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Me and my mother, we clearly have differing ideas of style. Like, when I attracted her attention to the combination of my pink plushy dressing gown and my baby blue plushy slippers with crocheted roses, we agreed that it needed some small detail to make it complete - only she thought it should be a garter, and me, another (bigger) crocheted rose in my hair.

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Feb. 14th, 2012 10:40 pm
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I keep thinking about my attitude to blogging. Thing is, diary keeping is a habit of mine, but blogging - a public exercise by its nature - sometimes makes me worry that I am doing something merely to blog about it; or that I only ponder on things to blog about it. Does a thought exist if you do not declare it to everyone around? I mean, I do love sharing things and I come by this honestly - my father is always prone to grabbing people and giving them lectures about whatever interests him now (like all my friends by now know more than they ever wanted to know about Takarazuka), but... I still feel uncomfortable and at these times I count it as an achievement if I have done things I haven't blogged about.

Back to Takarazuka, today was the big news day - the announcement of the new top stars of Moon Troupe, long delayed: and I swear that since the first show with new tops will be Romeo and Juliette, they were waiting for Valentine's day! Of the news themselves... I'm not sure what I think - they are promoting people too young, and they're playing some complicated games with the internal hierarchy. I am worried, curious and impatient to know how this new arrangement will work.

Oh, and I finally got my prize from Ahmad  Tea company - a lovely green teapot, totally worthy of having to endure our post office (queues. Headache-inducing and dizzying queues. I do so hate queueing).

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Dec. 27th, 2011 10:36 pm
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This is the first year that I had problems with composing a wishlist - and I do socialize with a lot of people on my Russian-language blog, so I was asked for one.

Somehow all my wishes this year fall into three categories: (1) requires a lot of money - more than I could comfortably accept from anyone; (2) I'll do this myself, thanks; and (3) expendables, which usually, to me, sound too rude on wishlist - I can't ask people to give me, for example, gel pens with violet ink, even though I love them and they are hard to find, or writeable DVDs, stuff like that.

In the end I still managed by listing nicer-sounding expendables, but still. I wonder whether this tendency will go on.

(Oh, and of course now that people can't buy me fandom-related gifts, it also complicates things in fandom-related circles.)

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Oct. 20th, 2011 03:23 am
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Why wasn't I provident enough to go and start learning Japanese five years ago? Silly me.

... that was me watching a Takarazuka show together with a very nice person who translated the dialogues to me. Weird feeling, this being able to understand what's going on (and not to guess from gestures and facial expressions. Which, in Takarazuka, are expressive but not _that_ expressive).

In other news, still no writing is happening. The resolution of writing every day is rather hard to follow when you don't feel like writing drabbles and the planning for all the longer stuff is stuck.

And it's getting colder: no sun today, and fairly sharp wind (they say there was first snow in the morning, but I missed it). I still like it: the architecture around where I live is the late 19th-early 20th modern and eclectic commercial housing, with lots of brick industrial buildings, and it's mostly all warm colours (especially the dark red brick - I do love it so). So when the weather is not sunny and everything is greyish, the houses look soft and warm to me, in all their unpreposessing shabbiness.

(My autumn/winter jacket is dark grey - but so wonderfully light! - but I do have a bright scarf. Maybe I will make another: I am so colour-dependent)

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Oct. 12th, 2011 05:00 am
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A bit earlier there has been a splendid rain outside - I couldn't resist opening my window to listen, even if that required wrapping myself in a blanket. I do love rain at night... both for the sound, and for the way the city looks in the morning. Also, it's so nice to put on woollen socks at night - and wriggle my toes a bit from enjoyment of warmth (and woolliness) I really should learn knitting socks one day - not just now, though; I've yet to figure out the shawl, and the socks are a complicated thing, as far as I know.

Apparently I know too little of my main characters' past. I might just look for character questionnaires except that I'd feel too stupid filling them in. But really, I'm not even sure how they chose their career - how much of it was what they wanted and how much was 'everyone's going'. And no, that's not LBB fic. But it's another long fic - no, story, not a fic. Which needs to be written.

Watched Criminal Minds 7.01 - it was lovely like meeting old friends (in a way I watch Takarazuka shows like this, for 'old friends' whom you like just seeing onstage), and seeing the gang back together (though I'm glad Hotch shaved fairly quickly. And I can't imagine what  FBI would be doing wherever he was). JJ looks a bit older. Reid looks a bit younger - that's the effect of the haircut, I think (I like him with short hair, I rarely like men with longish hair - looks too untidy and scruffy). Also, Strauss was awesome.

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Oct. 2nd, 2011 03:31 am
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Today was itchy and unsettled. Maybe because I awoke to a friend's phone call about her family problems, and kept worrying about it - and checking up with her - all day. And then, maybe not only that - it feels like a transition time. Last year's October was really physically difficult - I had no strength and felt like sleeping all the time; now I only can't get rid of my cough and have a bit too much hair left on my comb each morning. Oh well, time for vitamin shopping, perhaps.

I should get myself together and concentrate more on work - deadline's looming somewhere nearby.

I continue having a complicated relationship with my sewing machine. I was told once that in order to learn and to progress I need to learn to do things badly first, and I swear this particular piece of equipment plans to teach me just that. Oh well, I'll have to figure it out by myself - I'm really bad at taking instruction (I hide when I am planning to try something new, because people _will_ explain and show me how to do things simply and easily).

Also, I've been planning for two years to reread War and Peace, and today I thought - all right, self, the TBR pile will _never_ clear up, and so I climbed onto the piano and took the first volume out of the shelf. ... my, but Tolstoy really does dislike women. Or, to be more precise, the only thing he seems to like women for is animal-type beauty - healthy youth. Then again, I don't know if he really likes _anybody_. But I am slow, I only came to Andrei's arrival - so we'll see (I read this first time at six, and last time... dunno, maybe 17?)

And I bought a tea strainer. I actually wanted to buy a smallish teapot, because I like tea mixes which nobody else in the family likes, so I wanted to be able to prepare them separately. But I could not find the perfect teapot, so I bought the strainer. And a tea mix I once liked in a giftbox and couldn't find by itself for a long time. And I wanted to buy some silly book for distraction but couldn't find any - but I found interesting postcards, a series with the portraits of Russian empresses, and another one combining an old photo and a new photo of various places in Saint Petersburg.

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Sep. 17th, 2011 04:10 am
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I think that going out for a couple of errands yesterday made me worse; I spent most of today coughing and sleeping. The possibility of going to Vyborg on Sunday, as we hoped to do, looks even more dubious than before. And my body is really tiresome about being ill; oh well, I hope I don't get a circular cold that I had some years ago - now _that_ almost got me hysterical.

And due to sleeping most of the day I am really behind with everything I had to do. Like, finishing the translation. Or finishing the cross-stitch present for the friend who comes to visit tomorrow. Oh well, hope she forgives me. She probably will, but I will still feel guilty. I am very good at feeling guilty.

So, my major feat for today was vacuuming my room. I have carpet floor and it's tiresome to vacuum, but I try to do it at least once a week - only last weekend I already felt ill, so this time it was extra dirty. But I did it!

Also, bought fanstaff online. Which made me feel better (some more nice things to wait for), but at the same time our postal services tend to make me anxious. And I hope to find no more tempting sales this month - planned buys are one thing, but when you see people selling stuff that was sold out long ago... Really very tempting.

And perhaps I should get some sleep. Or perhaps not - my friend should be here in about three hours.

And I need to find a new avatarmaker site - my old one doesn't work, and I am too bad at Photoshop to do things through it.

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Jun. 3rd, 2010 04:57 am
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In the spirit of cataloging new experiences I have to mention that today - well, make it yesterday already - I went sailing for the first time ever. 

Well, to be honest, my participation in this included (a) sightseeing while we were moving under sail; (b) pulling at a rope very quickly (at times more like dragging at that rope with all my weight. Well, and at times (c) not getting between the sail and the board and (d) helping to catch the mast when it was being lowered.

Rowing made me feel a bit more useful, I must admit.

Then again, it's a very strange and meditative feeling, when you just sit there and the wind moves you forward (as long as it does not move you to the shoals). And the city looks not very recognizable from water. 

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May. 14th, 2010 11:19 pm
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Today I learned to row.
Well, kinda sorta learned to row, as in not obstructing the other nine people rowing. And not catching crabs - any more crabs. The whole process of actually moving water with an oar... I think it's a bit beyond me for now.
It was fun.


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