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Feb. 20th, 2012 12:51 am
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Me and my mother, we clearly have differing ideas of style. Like, when I attracted her attention to the combination of my pink plushy dressing gown and my baby blue plushy slippers with crocheted roses, we agreed that it needed some small detail to make it complete - only she thought it should be a garter, and me, another (bigger) crocheted rose in my hair.

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Jan. 26th, 2012 05:23 am
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Today was a terribly sleepy and slow day, with nothing in particular achieved. Well, some work. And some answering letters and comments - why do I keep delaying answering? Sometimes it feels like such a burden...

Oh, important goal reached: my father and I put up a set of my 'seasonal' cross-stitches. We've only been working towards that for about a year - that's how long they've been framed and a place has been chosen for them. Oh well, now I have a couple cross-stitchings that need to be framed - I wonder how long it will take (what with framing being expensive). But, well, I have decided that for a cross-stitcher's room mine is too bare of the fruits of my labour.

Speaking of the fruit of my labour, finished a sweater for a doll. Made from a sock, and not particularly delicate work and all, but - a result! How inspiring. And I need practice: I have a couple more blouses planned for this doll, and then I should move on to the other ones.

Reading Liz Williams's Precious Dragon and enjoying it very much, though today I made a detour for a Sharpe/Temeraire crossover - great work (and great dragons).

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Dec. 22nd, 2011 01:23 am
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I finished the first draft of Yuletide story. 4,5 thousand words. Go me. Tomorrow I'll be rereading it and hoping it won't make me want to kill myself. Not sure about betaing, though - oh well, we'll see.

Also, the architectural bureau my sister and her friends organized won a competition for a project of a sign to be put on the highways at the entrance to the city. Good: they need a name even more than they need money.

I am still enjoying reading Contested Will.

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Nov. 28th, 2011 12:28 am
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I read a story today which involves an Englishman from 1911 travelling in time and arriving in 2014, IIRC. Upon learning that his female acquaintance is a published writer, he is very surprised that here women can write and publish books. This Englishman in his time is a footman in a big country house, with just four years of village school, but specifically described as someone who loves books and at night sometimes takes books to read from the house library.

... it seems to me that stories about people from the past either have them have too modern ideas, or paint their time as way too backwards to believe. Or both.

Also, today I have been watching the Takarazuka version of Captain's Daughter in the living room, to the lively interest of family and friends. And no, nobody objected to kitsching up Russian culture. ;) (me: Where are these Oriental dancers entertaining Pugachov supposed to come from? Mother: from Bashkiria, obviously). Though nobody, including me, could guess at why they renamed Grinyov Nikolai.

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Oct. 4th, 2011 03:28 am
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Both circumstances and someone's blogpost kept me thinking today about what do you do if someone dear to you has problems. How can you help, if you're not at the same city at the moment, for example. If you can't give practical help and they are not in the mood to be distracted/entertained with random fun/pretty things. If you can only sort of give vague 'I'm here for you' signs. Because, am I here? What am I here for? Very likely those questions don't have answers, but I still feel like a failure.

Among other things, it's related to my eternal worry that there are correct emotional reactions and I don't know them. I know where this is coming from - I am temperamentally very different from the rest of my family, - but when you remember from the age of five that good girls don't react to presents like that (saying "oh, that's cool, thanks" instead of jumping with joy and hugging the giver like you're supposed to), don't greet family members like that, etc., it's rather difficult to keep remembering that there's no One True Way. I mean, what if there _is_ one?

In less introspective/cheerier news, I went to the library today, a month late. In the end I only took out one new book and renewed one book I already had - because the foreign language department had a book sale. And they're going to have more sales because they're clearing up space and clearly I have to go there more often because books! Cheap and unexpected books! I was good and only bought seven books, from P.D.James to Richard Hakluyt, and still I have aching shoulders from carrying all this home. I like biographies, and biographies are heavy... And I need to reorganize my bookshelves. And I don't know when I'm going to read all this. But: BOOKSES!

And I am still at the first chapter of War and Peace, thinking mostly about how I don't like Andrei. And feel sorry for his wife. And for Pierre, somehow.

Also, wrote a ficlet today. Liked it more than the stuff I wrote yesterday. But I circled around my notebook for maybe an hour, spamming Tumblr instead. Oh well, I can do it. I can get through the fear of writing if I keep writing. I know this.


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