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Jul. 31st, 2014 07:17 pm
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I have been reading and rereading the latest poem by Dmitry Bykov (and reading it out loud to myself). The one about the Malaysian airliner, except that it's not. I kinda regret that it's an English-language blog that I am having here and I can't post it here too.

Because it's important to me. Especially the way it ends. You see, the way things are going here, at least 80% of the population support Putin's policy or are even more rabid than that. I am an alien here. I always knew my political and social position isn't that popular, but in the last several months it turned out that I am an alien even to a lot of ordinary 'neutral' people who keep turning out to be rabid nationalists (I am still reading Klemperer and not liking that feeling).

And on top of that, out of the remaining 20%, the ones on my side, keep saying that we are doomed to this. To madness. That my country will never ever be an ordinary country among others; that nothing will ever be right, that the country, the people, will be nothing more than a bad example to humanity: see this? Don't do things like this.

And Bykov is saying: no, that's not Russia, I don't know what it is and I am not sure how to deal with this, but there's no proof that this is actually Russia as it is.

... meanwhile I missed Wednesday again, so belated reading report:

I finished Emperor's Agent, and it was rather cool. I really grew to like those people towards the end (I had a problem with 'I remember my past lives, I was this and that great person' initially, since I have met people who said this and they were tiresome and unpleasant, but I guess you are allowed to remember being Hephaistion and Robert Dudley in past lives if you're Michel Ney in this one). I wonder whether I should now go read the first book, or whether it would be unpleasant - Elza's relationship with Moreau doesn't seem to have been a nice one.

I also finished the Robin Hood time-hopping book I mentioned last time: a lot of fun. Pity there's no sequel. And the hero's modern views are a lot of fun in contrast with those that surround him ("Robin also believes in God? Damn!")

I have read the first October Daye book and found it very good, reminding me of the first Anita Blake books (and the bit about the fish is really scary: a horror you _really_ can imagine in your life).

I have started the second one... and then, reading the blurbs for the following books on Amazon, was kind of spoiled, so I paused. But I definitely will finish this one, and probably go on reading them, so that's for my reading plans.

Meanwhile I also started a book called 'Poland: a neighbor for thousand years', which is kind of a historical guidebook. The author is confusing at times (I am not sure what he wanted to say about Polish pronunciation, for example), but less confusing in history and respectful and interested, which is good since Poland was always a touchy subject here.

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Dec. 10th, 2012 10:05 pm
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Good god, news on the main TV channel actually said something to the effect of 'How dare you say use Magnitsky as a pretext when the whole world knows just who Assange is hiding from'.

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Mar. 1st, 2012 11:52 pm
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I don't usually follow USA election coverage, but isn't this kind of demented? Also kind of insulting to just about everyone - Pinterest users, scrapbook keepers, people who can read novels about experiences not quite related to their own...

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Jan. 21st, 2012 12:11 am
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“The online theft of American intellectual property is no different than the theft of products from a store" - Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX)

... shouldn't Congresspeople be more accurate in their opinion than random fanwankers?

In other SOPA-related news, after Megaupload closed, Tumblr became incredibly touching and sentimental about the role of Internet in everyone's life.

Which is kind of cheering, because back on Russian blogs I opened comments to a posting about rape culture and at the third comment quickly remembered that you shouldn't read runet discussions about feminism. There was about a thousand comments. In the third one a probably-female blogger was explaining that there's no such thing as rape culture: of course, there are women with a victim complex, but this is a problem for psychologists to work on. I have no words.

And then by chance I've come upon a blogger whom I _know_ to be a classic example of a misogynist slash fan, posting about the second Ritchie Holmes film and saying that it was worse than the first one, but at least they killed off Irene Adler. Which was like icing on a cake (made from uneatable stuff)

Internet is my world, but sometimes I do want to hide from the world.


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