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Feb. 17th, 2012 08:56 pm
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Today it got warmer a little and sun shone into my window in the afternoon. It's amazing how much better I felt. ... I made an effort and did not take a nap no matter how much I wanted to - it's time to switch to a more daytime regime.

I am sorting out my fabrics. It's amazing how much fabric I amassed for someone who sews at best for the dolls. Will I ever dare to sew for myself? I have some stuff that I'd really like to wear as clothing (temporary break of language - I don't mean I'd wear the fabric as it is). I guess once I'll finish the project of the basic wardrobe for each of my dolls, I'd have to find a courage to graduate to people-clothes. Maybe doing mock-up first, because I am really afraid to spoil the fabrics (one of the reasons I am not sewing; I am also afraid to knit stuff like sweaters, even though you can't spoil yarn, can you?).

Reading-wise, I picked up Buchan's Castle Gay again - I slowed down because I was not very interested in young protagonists, but now things are picking up; I am also in the middle of the 6th Thursday Next book - as always, I am amazed by Fforde's imagination.

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Jan. 27th, 2012 07:08 am
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I am picky about weather, some people might say: I don't like having above-zero temperatures in winter, it's bad for the nature and makes me suspect spring will be late; and at the same time -14, as it was this morning, is too cold for me. Too cold is when you have to dress for warmth specifically and not for nice clothes. And especially when it's too cold for skirts.

And even without being cold, this was a complicated and not too productive day: I've been staying up late to work and then sleeping late, but this morning I had to meet a friend's train and then spent half of the day with her - after which I fell down to sleep, since I had less than two hours of sleep at night. Which, naturally, led to staying up late again. And trying to do two jobs at once.

Not reading much, mostly watching Takarazuka shows bit by bit in pauses between work. Now I am watching Anna Karenina, and Takarazuka adaptations of Russian classics tend to amuse me (but also I like this Anna - she's more believable to me than many Annas in the ordinary films). I think I should reread Anna Karenina - but I probably should finish War and Peace first.

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Jan. 24th, 2012 03:15 am
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So, I did give myself a day off today. Though I slept half of that day, and, as such things tend to go, had a headache for most of the rest of the day. Did not do much - though went out to shop, and enjoy the prettiness of winter city. No overabundance of snow this winter, just crisp whiteness and frosty air and watercolour-like evening sky. I like evenings like that, even though were I to go farther than the shop at the other end of the block, my nose would probably start to object (it's 11 below zero).

In less than enjoyable news, looks like Yavlinsky wouldn't be admitted as a candidate for the presidential elections - he did bring the required two million signatures, but they're all set to find a lot of those irregular and unsuitable for admittance. Not that I didn't expect it - I think Yavlinsky himself must have expected it too... And not that I believed even for a moment that he'd gather much vote if he were a candidate. I just wanted the option of voting for someone I can respect and not inventing new and interesting ways to say "Go to hell everyone" with my voting bulletin.

Other things-to-do-on-your-day-off included continuing my reread of Bulgakov's Master and Margarita - still a very fun read, for all that I was never fond of the Jerusalem chapters - and planning a doll wardrobe (no, I can't sew, but I do sew anyway. Sometimes. Dolls, luckily, can't object). Oh, and I am still watching Seirei no Moribito and enjoying both life details and philosophical moments.

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Jan. 20th, 2012 03:47 am
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The current job is so mind-numbing that I started reorganizing stuff on the shelves under the ceiling.

And now my online dictionary won't open: perhaps I did enough for today.

Finished Huntingtower, am reading Castle Gay, but it's slower to get into, because there's very little McCunn, and the elections and rugby are kind of bewildering.

Funny thing: this is the first winter with the new governor, and the streets are suddenly passable in winter. Even with snow. Maybe she's the Snow Queen? Although, why would the Snow Queen look so repulsive?
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... though we have no snow yet. The last two winters were excessively snowy, but still I'd like some snow now, please - the last bout of springlike weather in December ended in snow staying for all of April. I'd rather have a snowy December.

Each year I send cards abroad too late. I like sending cards, but in my mind (a) it's New Year which is the holiday, not the 25th, and (b) the holiday time/feeling starts about mid-December. Maybe this year I will be better?

I am reading people who do a "100 days of happiness" in their blogs, but not sure whether I want to do this. One of the main reasons is that I see such memes as a way to spread cheer/good mood, and too much of my happiness is fannish; I doubt anyone else can cheer up reading about me finding a lovely photo of so-and-so online.

I'd like to learn to knit socks. But I still haven't managed to deal with that shawl pattern, and socks are scary, and even my scarves aren't that good yet.

My last xpost to LJ failed - wonder if this one will get through.

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Nov. 25th, 2011 05:08 am
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My back still kind of hurts, even after yesterday's massage; and today's running about for chores did not make it better. I rather think it's the weather - we still aren't at winter, there was some ice for a night once, but mostly it's above zero, and today also rainy.

... and of course one of my today's chores was buying a humidifier. Because my room is definitely too dry and the plants are more vulnerable to this than I am. But still, buying a humidifier in the rain is kind of funny.

I am watching another episode of Foyle's War and am not sure whether I will finish it. It's not that it's bad - it's good, and full of things I feel interesting and likeable. Maybe it's that the episodes are long, or maybe this is not unreal enough for me. I am worrying about the characters and I don't want to. ... Michael Kitchen is very good, though.

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Oct. 20th, 2011 03:23 am
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Why wasn't I provident enough to go and start learning Japanese five years ago? Silly me.

... that was me watching a Takarazuka show together with a very nice person who translated the dialogues to me. Weird feeling, this being able to understand what's going on (and not to guess from gestures and facial expressions. Which, in Takarazuka, are expressive but not _that_ expressive).

In other news, still no writing is happening. The resolution of writing every day is rather hard to follow when you don't feel like writing drabbles and the planning for all the longer stuff is stuck.

And it's getting colder: no sun today, and fairly sharp wind (they say there was first snow in the morning, but I missed it). I still like it: the architecture around where I live is the late 19th-early 20th modern and eclectic commercial housing, with lots of brick industrial buildings, and it's mostly all warm colours (especially the dark red brick - I do love it so). So when the weather is not sunny and everything is greyish, the houses look soft and warm to me, in all their unpreposessing shabbiness.

(My autumn/winter jacket is dark grey - but so wonderfully light! - but I do have a bright scarf. Maybe I will make another: I am so colour-dependent)
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On the plus side, the current job is much more sensible and doable, and the autumn is crisp and golden. Each day I go outside and return with some maple leaves - though today I picked them going through a park where for some reason there were only yellow ones. I like variety in my autumn bouqets.

On the minus side, a bad night's sleep, a sleepy day despite taking a nap in the afternoon, and my period started - oh joy.

Also, a week to my birthday. That's not a plus or a minus, that's just weird. I don't feel like I am approaching thirty-six. I don't know how I feel. When my mother was thirty-six, I was thirteen, and my sister, three. I'm not even sure I feel grown-up - maybe without children and a family of my own I never will. I... don't know anything, really.

And I have a headache.

I am definitely going to get some George Eliot in the library once I finish her bio. Middlemarch, probably... though it looks like most of her books have unhappy endings, and I am so not fond of those. But for some reason there are things about her life that resonate with me; mostly her writing troubles. Though it is, perhaps, ridiculous - me, planning a ficlet, thinking about her trouble with novels that are now classic.

But I have to write. And ficlet promises to be longer than intended and so, it needs planning.

I hope I'll get more sleep today than yesterday.

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Oct. 12th, 2011 05:00 am
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A bit earlier there has been a splendid rain outside - I couldn't resist opening my window to listen, even if that required wrapping myself in a blanket. I do love rain at night... both for the sound, and for the way the city looks in the morning. Also, it's so nice to put on woollen socks at night - and wriggle my toes a bit from enjoyment of warmth (and woolliness) I really should learn knitting socks one day - not just now, though; I've yet to figure out the shawl, and the socks are a complicated thing, as far as I know.

Apparently I know too little of my main characters' past. I might just look for character questionnaires except that I'd feel too stupid filling them in. But really, I'm not even sure how they chose their career - how much of it was what they wanted and how much was 'everyone's going'. And no, that's not LBB fic. But it's another long fic - no, story, not a fic. Which needs to be written.

Watched Criminal Minds 7.01 - it was lovely like meeting old friends (in a way I watch Takarazuka shows like this, for 'old friends' whom you like just seeing onstage), and seeing the gang back together (though I'm glad Hotch shaved fairly quickly. And I can't imagine what  FBI would be doing wherever he was). JJ looks a bit older. Reid looks a bit younger - that's the effect of the haircut, I think (I like him with short hair, I rarely like men with longish hair - looks too untidy and scruffy). Also, Strauss was awesome.

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Oct. 10th, 2011 03:36 am
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So, an impromptu holiday was a good idea: I swear I did more today than on Friday, and in less time. Self, when will you learn?

And the autumn is truly golden and beautiful - and I took photos of some pretty cabbage-type things on a street flowerbed; they're unexpected but look good. Now I hope I'll find time to deal with photos - I think the mushroom-picking ones are still in my camera. Of course I might be delaying the process because I am still afraid of Photoshop (I can distinguish bad photos in need of work - now, choosing the processes for making them good is more complicated).

I think I'm pausing on Tolstoy because I was reading him too thoughtfully and got tired or frightened that I can't keep up with myself. I do tend to do that - one of the reasons I work myself into a writing block. BTW, haven't written today - but started planning and thinking about untangling that half-written LBB story. Like, almost literally untangling. Go me. Though some training-writing still needs to be happening.

Meanwhile I am reading about George Eliot - and also listening to Patrick Allitt's lectures on Victorian Britain. Fascinating, even though the lectures are a bit too surface stuff in places - then again, my knowledge on Victorian Britain is too unsystematic. But it's such an interesting time in terms of social change. Seeing the seeds of the present in the past (though the history of medicine keeps being scary despite being interesting). And with George Eliot bio I love most of all seeing the network of people working at intellectual pursuit, overlapping circles of friends and acquaintances involved in literature and science and stuff (that's why I also like Camden and the rest of the antiquarian gang - that sense of interconnectedness).

And in the kitchen my mother keeps watching Columbo. I come and go and see bits of it and it creates a curious impression of the continuing world in which Columbo moves with that simplicity of his, both artificial and real, but even his artifice looks more real than everyone else.

* * *

Oct. 9th, 2011 05:07 am
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Today my body seems to have decided that I'm having a holiday, and that's it: I got up and worked for less than an hour, and then I climbed back into bed and couldn't get out of it until maybe 4 PM.

After which my evening plans, earlier discarded because of some people being unavailable, suddenly reinstated themselves, and I went to visit some friends, mostly for Takarazuka-themed chatting and much watching of photobooks and oohing and aahing. Well, at least from my side: I firmly approach this fandom from the position of "there are no actresses I dislike, there are just actresses I don't really know". It's more fun for me that way; unfortunately that also makes me a bit tired after a contact with someone who doesn't share this approach.

That is not to say that I didn't have a nice evening; I did. (also, I finally got some DVDs that took their time in coming to me) I am just having a... seasonal increase in introvertedness? Or something. A prolonged contact with the majority of human population leaves me rather tired. Trouble is, I grew into a habit of needing that contact; ten years ago I was rather happy as a fandom lurker, with my books, my music, my fics, etc. I don't think I could return to this - looks like I grew rather too socialized, and it troubles me. I don't like to be dependent on people.

And I did write today, after missing a day. Go me! I'm not sure it will go somewhere, as it's an exploration of the motivations of a character in a long story I'm not even sure I'm writing (and which has no plot, only a group of characters and some basic events they were involved in).

No Tolstoy today, but some of the George Eliot bio. Two things strike me in what I read today (finishing the chapter on Adam Bede): the way people reacted emotionally to a novel - waiting for it excitedly, being unable to leave it, writing letters to the author... rather fannish reaction in a way. And another fandom-related thing - the way George Eliot was sensitive to criticism. It feels like a page out of a discussion on fandom criticism - "you were so harsh to so-and-so's fic, she's thinking about never writing again".

It's raining outside; I'm sorry it's a bit too cold to sleep with an open window - I like the sound of rain.
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I feel too tired to do a proper workload, and this troubles me greatly. Perhaps I should go back to taking vitamins - I can never quite believe in their effectiveness, but I must do _something_. ... but I did manage the minimum work I had to do today. Oh well.

I have this habit of making work pauses to read Internet discussions, since they're much less engrossing than any other type of break I might take (the downside is, of course, that I don't rest properly - I'm still at the computer).Today (and yesterday) I was entertaining myself with people arguing whether it was ethical and/or legal to do print-on-demand editions of fanfics. I can't quite imagine why it would be less legal than posting fanfiction online, since the fanficcer still gets no profit, but apparently a lot of people feel that an actual book done by an actual publisher makes all the difference (I suppose they feel the fanficcer in this case puts herself on an equal footing with the author of canon. Or something). Oh well, you learn something every day.

Had to mail some documents, so I walked to the 20-minutes-from-us post office, instead of the one on our street - like I started doing recently. I still marvel at how two post offices can be so different. No queues, a nice walk and  postal employees who do not feel sending mail or packages a panic-inducing task - so very refreshing. Though our post office was also surprisingly nice today - for some reason they delivered a package to our apartment instead of bringing a notice for me to go get it. I can't figure out their rules. ... also, the walk to the farther p.o. is through one of my favourite places in the city, especially now, with golden autumn practically at its best. I do love it here.

I continue reading Tolstoy for secondary characters, but I can't help wondering about Pierre. He's so childish... I had an argument with my mother today, about how peculiarly he was brought up, neither as a man of society nor as someone who'd have to work for a living. If his father planned to legitimize him and presumably have him as a heir, why did he leave Pierre so poorly socialized?

... also I suddenly thought that in a way Sonya is Fanny Price, only without a lucky ending - refusing the suitor she did not want and not getting neither the one she wanted nor any respect.

Also, I felt too tired to write but I know myself and I went and wrote a tiny sketch of a Preposterous AU Crossover (another one) - however, this one requires planning before writing anything sensible. Am I up to planning? There's a lot of writing stuff that I should be planning, from this AU to my LBB fic, but I am terribly bad at this. Oh well, guess I'll have to learn.


Sep. 28th, 2011 05:53 pm
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Yesterday we went mushroom-picking, which is something I wanted to do for a while - since last year at least. But when you live in a big city and don't own a car, it's a complicated organizational issue.

... anyway, we did it - a friend of ours who knows good mushroom spots drove us almost to Priozersk, more than two hours by car, and that's starting out from the edge of the city. And I did get a bit carsick even though I was in the front seat. And for the last half an hour we basically drove through the forest and the road was awful - it was raining all of last week, so we went from puddle to puddle, seeing fountains of dirty water behind our windows.

And it started raining once we were in the forest, too. My jacket has a hood, but I took it off because I don't hear that well while wearing it, and calling out to each other is the best way to keep track of people while in the forest. So there was water running down my face, and my hair got absolutely wet (and then got dry without my combing it out, so I looked kind of frightful in the mirror). And I lost my knife sheath (and am still worrying about where I'll get a new one). And the first spot wasn't that good - I did find a couple of young Aspen mushrooms (I am translating the mushroom names with a dictionary and they do look weird like this), but mostly there were these mushrooms which I do not know the name for and which are only good for pickling.

But then we went to another spot, a more open one, and it started looking like the 'noble' mushrooms really like hilly places - I started finding big, full-grown Aspens, and Mother even found some ceps (I never found any), and things started getting cheerier, even if I was already pretty tired by that moment, and we spent some time congregating at the meeting spot and going back and forth to find those who weren't back yet.

It was the last spot, though, which was the best one. It got sunny, and the forest was full of young fir trees, and there were three different types of moss, all so colorful - white, pinkish, green - and the blueberry leaves already were red (also, lots of blueberry, and it was very sweet, though I was too lazy to pick it seriously and mostly just ate it on the go). And the mushrooms! I think I never in my life saw such bold ones. You see a really big browncap in the middle of a clearing, maybe weighing half a kilo, and you lean to pick it up (or to take a photo), and then you turn your head and see another one on the edge of a clearing. And they all were good and not too old, and the young ones so perfectly beautiful... And you could hear birds singing.

My aunt did not want to leave - she kept saying she'd stay in this forest. And I kept finding mushrooms on the edge of the road while I walked towards the car. And when we were already driving out, my aunt cried out 'Stop! Stop!' and ran out and came back with a nice big Aspen.

And the potato-and-mushroom supper last evening was quite tasty. I ache in all the weird places today, but I'd certainly go again, even though I doubt I'd get an opportunity. Oh well, I still have photos to sort.

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Mar. 4th, 2010 01:37 am
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I am, as always, not sure if anybody's reading, but if somebody is, I have a question for people from snowy countries: how are the roofs in the cities cleared from snow in winter?


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