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Nov. 6th, 2015 11:11 am
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For now I listened to three songs from Hamilton (I was too enthused by an opportunity to catch with something everyone talks about. I mean, by the time I manage to watch five eps of some TV series fandom talks about, fandom will go through two more popular crazes. But musical... that I can deal with. Maybe)

You'll Be Back I loved.
Wait for It was quite nice.
And then I went to listen to the opening and while clever, it was so headache-inducing that I had to take a breather.

Can I deal with a show's worth of stuff like this? Well, I learned to like beer which was counter-intuitive, so maybe. We'll see.

I am hopeless at being fandom-ish.

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Feb. 25th, 2012 08:27 am
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Hymn to the Great City

... I always loved being on the railway station when the Red Arrow train arrived or departed, because they play this hymn then (one day, when I have money enough to spare it on frivolity, I might just buy a ticket to Red Arrow).

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Oct. 3rd, 2011 03:41 am
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Today I have been listening to music.

I don't do it that often, actually. I did listen to music a lot as a teenager. And in my twenties I even slept with my radio turned on, music 24 hours a day except for news (I started doing less of it once I started dreaming of Bill Clinton et al. Nowadays I most often listen to music as I walk, and that's mostly 'walking' music, one with a pleasing rhythm. Well, and there's also musicals, but I sort of treat them separately, more as theatre perhaps.

Nevertheless, I've been listening to Brian Crain - I saw a video on YouTube and thought I had to have more of that. Nothing special, perhaps - new-agey piano music, but he has an album called A Change of Seasons and apparently it was just what I needed at this time of the year and life.

Also, I went back to listening to Patrick Allitt's lectures on Victorian Britain, and today I listened to the ones about arts and science (I spent a lot of time in public transport today). And I kept thinking how fandom-type people tend to like pre-raphaelites a lot - and I don't. Then I thought that I don't really know them well enough to dislike them (there was a quote by, I keep thinking, C.S. Lewis that I can't find any more, which went something like 'You can (say you) like classics without knowing much about them, but if you say you dislike them, you need to have good arguments for that'). And I don't really dislike them - I just... am not particularly fond of them. At this stage I like other things more - like really-realistic scenes capturing moments of life. I started liking portraits a lot - I didn't use to like them... Ah, uneducated me. The more I read (or listen to), the more I realize how much I don't know.

About my plan for writing in October - I did write today! About 300 words at best, I think (I was writing by hand), and it's a perfectly useless ficlet, but I need practice, and I need to fall back into the habit of writing. So - go me (and the tag to remind myself of it. I think I need some more/other writing tags, but I'll have to think about it some more).

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Sep. 12th, 2010 12:30 am
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I keep watching Takarazuka - what can be found online mostly, what's still on Youtube - and I'm not even sure why.

I mean, the only two Takarazuka performances I've watched in full were two Elisabeths, and the Austrian and Hungarian Elisabeths are surely much higher in quality.  I've yet to see a musumeyaku who isn't a sorry sight, and I've only heard one actress with a nice voice (and one star who can't really sing. Yeah, in a musical theater). And the performances themselves are kind of... cardboard-bright, like a box of chocolates, none of the stylishness of, say, the 1992 Elisabeth.

And yet I keep wandering around YouTube, looking at photos and reading what information there is (mostly told and retold by fans. Oh dear, how I hate unattributable information). And I'm still not sure what keeps me looking (except pretty women, of course).

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Apr. 24th, 2010 04:34 am
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Listening to a weird mix of klezmer, some musicals and Russian and Ukrainian folk rock, only I just remembered I can't write with music - it imposes trains of thought quite unlike those I need for writing. And I have to write - I stumbled into a fandom with almost no decent fics, especially in Russian.

Also, reading: I have these ... binges, perhaps, of reading books of a type - there was a period once, almost half a year, when I could not read fiction. And then - I was ill and had difficulty sleeping because of a cough - there was a time I read fiction, and finished all the fiction part of my TBR pile in a week.

And now I read mostly-trashy Russian fantasy. Which is at times comforting and at times distracting. This time it's not so total, since I read a bit of other stuff too, like the biography of the Duchess of Marlborough. But still. I have other things to read - and reread, I have stuff I want to reread only I grew out of the habit of rereading - but not just yet.


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