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Feb. 17th, 2012 08:56 pm
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Today it got warmer a little and sun shone into my window in the afternoon. It's amazing how much better I felt. ... I made an effort and did not take a nap no matter how much I wanted to - it's time to switch to a more daytime regime.

I am sorting out my fabrics. It's amazing how much fabric I amassed for someone who sews at best for the dolls. Will I ever dare to sew for myself? I have some stuff that I'd really like to wear as clothing (temporary break of language - I don't mean I'd wear the fabric as it is). I guess once I'll finish the project of the basic wardrobe for each of my dolls, I'd have to find a courage to graduate to people-clothes. Maybe doing mock-up first, because I am really afraid to spoil the fabrics (one of the reasons I am not sewing; I am also afraid to knit stuff like sweaters, even though you can't spoil yarn, can you?).

Reading-wise, I picked up Buchan's Castle Gay again - I slowed down because I was not very interested in young protagonists, but now things are picking up; I am also in the middle of the 6th Thursday Next book - as always, I am amazed by Fforde's imagination.

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Jan. 26th, 2012 05:23 am
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Today was a terribly sleepy and slow day, with nothing in particular achieved. Well, some work. And some answering letters and comments - why do I keep delaying answering? Sometimes it feels like such a burden...

Oh, important goal reached: my father and I put up a set of my 'seasonal' cross-stitches. We've only been working towards that for about a year - that's how long they've been framed and a place has been chosen for them. Oh well, now I have a couple cross-stitchings that need to be framed - I wonder how long it will take (what with framing being expensive). But, well, I have decided that for a cross-stitcher's room mine is too bare of the fruits of my labour.

Speaking of the fruit of my labour, finished a sweater for a doll. Made from a sock, and not particularly delicate work and all, but - a result! How inspiring. And I need practice: I have a couple more blouses planned for this doll, and then I should move on to the other ones.

Reading Liz Williams's Precious Dragon and enjoying it very much, though today I made a detour for a Sharpe/Temeraire crossover - great work (and great dragons).

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Jan. 24th, 2012 03:15 am
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So, I did give myself a day off today. Though I slept half of that day, and, as such things tend to go, had a headache for most of the rest of the day. Did not do much - though went out to shop, and enjoy the prettiness of winter city. No overabundance of snow this winter, just crisp whiteness and frosty air and watercolour-like evening sky. I like evenings like that, even though were I to go farther than the shop at the other end of the block, my nose would probably start to object (it's 11 below zero).

In less than enjoyable news, looks like Yavlinsky wouldn't be admitted as a candidate for the presidential elections - he did bring the required two million signatures, but they're all set to find a lot of those irregular and unsuitable for admittance. Not that I didn't expect it - I think Yavlinsky himself must have expected it too... And not that I believed even for a moment that he'd gather much vote if he were a candidate. I just wanted the option of voting for someone I can respect and not inventing new and interesting ways to say "Go to hell everyone" with my voting bulletin.

Other things-to-do-on-your-day-off included continuing my reread of Bulgakov's Master and Margarita - still a very fun read, for all that I was never fond of the Jerusalem chapters - and planning a doll wardrobe (no, I can't sew, but I do sew anyway. Sometimes. Dolls, luckily, can't object). Oh, and I am still watching Seirei no Moribito and enjoying both life details and philosophical moments.
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I finished the job.

So I spent today thinking deep and weighty thoughts. Like "I'd like to rewatch Elisabeth, but what version should I choose?" Those thoughts were so deep that in the end I watched three episodes of Britain's Best Drives while cross-stitching. Watching-wise, it was very pretty, but it got me thinking about how people's attitudes to the past are coloured by their own aging. The presenter kept thinking whether the 1950s were a happier time, and many people have said that yes, they were, but of course, everyone who remembered the fifties has their opinion coloured by personal memories of being young... Then again, can a society be considered happy, or it is always 'golden past', etc.? (once I asked my LJ flist which is fairly multinational, whether any country is currently happy/pleased with its political leadership. I think the best case for 'yes' was fairly tentative...)

Cross-stitching-wise, I am still stuck at the most boring stage of having to finish the last colour - a corner of the sky. It so much looked like it would never be filled that I started alternating: a bit of the sky, a bit of backstitch. I like backstitch.

Also, trying to bring a bit more order to my craft corner I suddenly made a skirt for one of my doll. Well, cut it out and roughly sewed together, I was too tired to deal with the sewing machine. That's for tomorrow (hopefully). I'm not much for sewing and patterns make me headachy, but the dolls do not mind and I keep hoping I'll get better.

And, of course, after an interval in writing, it's difficult to start again. I wanted to start a short fanfic based on a Takarazuka musical, a basic fix-it, but then my brain told me that I haven't dealt with _all_ characters who needed fixing. Oh right, and that included one that was arrested - rightfully. Now, how do I make his future life happier? I'll try to convince my brain to limit myself to planning the future of sweet, simple and nice characters. Maybe.

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Oct. 14th, 2011 03:37 am
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I am still not writing, but thinking rather a lot about writing. But I feel kind of guilty for not actually writing. I know perfectly well that I have this conviction trained into me, that time spent on planning/organizing things is time wasted, time you spent doing _nothing_ - and this ties in together rather well with my love for producing things that can be seen and touched (this is one of the reasons I like handcrafts and also, perhaps, a reason why I like writing by hand in notebooks: feels more real that way).

But you can't write a long story without planning. Or, at least, _I_ can't. I was told more than once that I should just sit down and start writing, and if I have a story to tell, it will work. It never does, until after ten or twenty or some more pages I pause and think about what's going to happen and make a list of scenes. Maybe I don't have a story to tell. (I thought about stopping trying to write, if it's always so complicated and I don't have much to tell - but I feel very much less happy when I don't write).

In other news, I bought the first issue of the new DeAgostini collection magazine - a dollhouse one. It had a set of dolls' dishes. Rather crudely made, but now my teddy bears' table is not empty (and dishes are one thing I can't quite figure how to make. The other is shoes.).


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