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A bit towards the talks about fannish cross-stitching... but does Shakespeare count as fannish?

My progress on the Shakespeare sampler by Yvonne Horn:

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I've started it on October 1st, but I am not a very frequent stitcher.

The whole is supposed to look like this:

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I finished watching the Takarazuka version of Twelfth Night and enjoyed it a lot. They've got the right spirit for this play, I think. Also a bonus: Viola and Sebastian do kind of look like one another. Orsino is young and coltish and amusing, Viola is very nice, but unexpectedly I most loved Sir Toby. Unexpectedly - because he turned out to be much less ridiculous drunkard and more a handsome bonvivant than it's usually done (also, in this version there's Toby/Maria and it makes sense). I also liked Feste quite a lot.

All this, with knitting. For my cross-stitching projects I (a) need to redo some backstitch which I did in black and should have done in white - can't be done while watching videos. Maybe an audiobook? I got so annoyed with Hagrid that I paused listening to Harry Potter; and (b)I need to find a cord for finishing a project. I am bad at finishing.

* * *

Nov. 3rd, 2011 04:05 am
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I am having a spontaneous weekend/holiday in the middle of the week (I started early? We're to have that Ridiculous Holiday on Friday). I think I needed that.

... watched Criminal Minds 7.02. Or tried to - skipping bits and turning away in parts. I do not like the theme of injuries to eyes. And acid. *shudders* The episode itself was good, though, mostly all about the victim's family. With lovely grim Hotch. And a cute scene at Rossi's in the end.

Also, some writing. It's really easier once you open a page and tell yourself "Now write". Two pages. Good (for me), and I think I have some ideas for tomorrow.

And I finished that damn bit of sky on the Suzdal cross-stitch. Now only backstitch and all will be ready. I like backstitch.

Since it's better to watch stuff with some mindless bit of needlework, which backstitch isn't, I started a scarf. Very basic knitting, knit-knit-knit all the way, but fancy yarn. I like fancy yarn, it's sort of kind to inexperienced knitters. I still have plans for that shawl, though. Once I grow some brain back (do I ever?)

* * *

Oct. 26th, 2011 06:55 am
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Apparently my characters are going to have a row. Good for them; not sure whether it's good for me, and whether I will manage to finish this story. I'm surely going to try, though.

Anyway, even though I am up at a not-sensible time, I've been mostly sensible, and finished work fairly early, and did some cross-stitching while listening to the Victorian lectures. The end of that corner of sky is in sight; and I have only one lecture left - I probably will try listening to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone next, since I'm in such a rereading mood. As for lectures, I'm still rather blah about them - I did need some blank places filled in my knowledge of Victorian England, but I feel like this particular lecture course is a bit too popular, and rehashing a bit too many popular myths. I'll have to find something more serious (also, I want a biography of Gladstone. He's interesting)

In other news, I finally solved the problem of making screencaps, which led to my rewatching random bits of Dream Trail concert and taking caps. I was sort-of-sensible and haven't started to rewatch it all. I love Dream Trail: both pretty and joyful. I am in the need of joy.
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For all my chattiness, I am a rather secretive person. And I am at my most secretive when learning something new. Because I am afraid that I'll just start things and never finish them, and that's nothing to boast of. And also because I am a rather slow learner, and baby steps are nothing to boast about: the only situation where you can go all "Look, I've learned to write the letter A, and B too!" is when you are five, and you are talking to your mother. Otherwise people either make a "so what" face, or remind you how tiny your baby step is for someone who isn't a baby, and how quickly such things are done.

... makes much more sense to only mention things when you have results. Which is also the reason why I almost stopped posting cross-stitch progress reports, btw.
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I finished the job.

So I spent today thinking deep and weighty thoughts. Like "I'd like to rewatch Elisabeth, but what version should I choose?" Those thoughts were so deep that in the end I watched three episodes of Britain's Best Drives while cross-stitching. Watching-wise, it was very pretty, but it got me thinking about how people's attitudes to the past are coloured by their own aging. The presenter kept thinking whether the 1950s were a happier time, and many people have said that yes, they were, but of course, everyone who remembered the fifties has their opinion coloured by personal memories of being young... Then again, can a society be considered happy, or it is always 'golden past', etc.? (once I asked my LJ flist which is fairly multinational, whether any country is currently happy/pleased with its political leadership. I think the best case for 'yes' was fairly tentative...)

Cross-stitching-wise, I am still stuck at the most boring stage of having to finish the last colour - a corner of the sky. It so much looked like it would never be filled that I started alternating: a bit of the sky, a bit of backstitch. I like backstitch.

Also, trying to bring a bit more order to my craft corner I suddenly made a skirt for one of my doll. Well, cut it out and roughly sewed together, I was too tired to deal with the sewing machine. That's for tomorrow (hopefully). I'm not much for sewing and patterns make me headachy, but the dolls do not mind and I keep hoping I'll get better.

And, of course, after an interval in writing, it's difficult to start again. I wanted to start a short fanfic based on a Takarazuka musical, a basic fix-it, but then my brain told me that I haven't dealt with _all_ characters who needed fixing. Oh right, and that included one that was arrested - rightfully. Now, how do I make his future life happier? I'll try to convince my brain to limit myself to planning the future of sweet, simple and nice characters. Maybe.

* * *

Sep. 11th, 2011 02:47 am
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I still feel ill and completely brainless. And useless. Also, conducting negotiations with a tooth of mine to convince it not to ache until I get better, since I'm so not up to going to a dentist.

I remember being little and enjoying being ill. Staying in bed and drinking tea and tasty things my mother brought me to make me feel better. Where has all this gone? I mean, I don't even feel like reading! Though I do read - I finished Karin Calvert, and also a book called "Re-thinking history" (much slower going than Calvert, especially since it was in English. It doesn't matter to me which language I'm reading in - until I fall ill, and the little bit of additional effort that English requires starts being more noticeable). Reading... it makes me feel less useless.

Though, remembering my childhood illnesses, I remember spending a lot of time leafing through a big book with a lot of photographs of La Scala. And today I relaxed and cheered myself up by looking at my Takarazuka photo books. So not that much is changed (except for possibly my tastes getting less elevated).

About my tastes, by the way: I notice I'm getting... less tolerant, maybe. When I notice someone dismissing things I love, like writing online about a book I liked a lot and saying that it is silly/empty/badly written, I feel like coming in and commenting 'Shut up, what do you know about it anyway!'. Not that I do, of course. Though - who knows, maybe I will, in five or ten years.

And I am still cross-stitching that corner of sky.  Being all sniffly isn't particularly conducive to cross-stitching. Though I finished watching the musical I started yesterday. Or maybe the day before yesterday.

* * *

Sep. 9th, 2011 03:49 am
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... I keep thinking how knowing something well/being good at something reduces the amount of things in that sphere that you are able to enjoy. Like, I am told that a person with a good ear/good vocal training can't bear listening to Takarazuka. That may very well be so. I have a bad ear. I and I was even worse before I got some musical education. But I am maybe glad about it, because I like being able to enjoy Takarazuka (now, my inner voice repeating some people's arguments about how bad this is... another obstacle but a lesser one). And I do know that I am unable to read, say, fanfics which I'm told have interesting ideas if they have insufferable syntax. (Mind you, I was never quite able to believe that a text with awful syntax can have interesting ideas).

I like eating at McDonald's, too. But then, among many my acquaintances I have this image of a cultured/highbrow person which annoys me a lot. To my mind, I have simple and banal tastes - I like mysteries, biographies and travel books, that is, stuff that basically predictable. And also sushi and hamburgers while I could go challenge myself with some other cuisine. And sparkly Japanese musicals. And cross-stitching, the least creative of handcrafts.

I'm a boring person, me.

Now what was I talking about?  Oh well,. never mind. I should perhaps take photos of some of my cross-stich WIPs except that I'm lazy. And also can't wait to finish my musical-watching xstitch. I have two projects going - a musical-watching one and an audio book listening one. The second is more complicated, since I am able to consult the pattern; the first only needs to have one corner finished - one colour. Of the sky. There's a lot of it. Very boring, even with the musical (I keep trying to type 'muscial').
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I am not a very good knitter. I am also not a very good doll owner - I can never manage to make doll stuff I would like to make - but still I try.


Also, I've been stitching.

My stitch-along partner haven't been stitching much lately - she has stuff to do (also, she's become  a football fan. Weird woman) - and I've abandoned our SAL project for a while, too, but then I decided that I can very well finish it on my own.

I haven't yet finished it, but here's how it looks now:


And when I got too tired of it (oh god, that framing pattern! And a single dark brown cross inside every pink thingy!) I got back to the thing I started in winter and then put away for a while, mostly because I grew tired of the canvas which is a bit too stiff. Here's how it looks now (I've been trying the parking technique for a bit now, but not too consistently):


I suppose I should also take photos of the couple of things I finished and never photographed, but maybe later. ... also, either I am stupider than I thought, or DW doesn't like Picasa. Perhaps I should leave progress reports for LJ...

* * *

Apr. 21st, 2010 02:52 am
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Feeling really, really down. As in, nothing seems to give me pleasure, and I feel myself unnecessary, directionless and generally a waste of space.

So I spent the day cross-stitching: that's always good for seeing that you did do something. Empty space on fabric is no longer empty. I'd stitch some more but my arms are tired. Also, watched an episode from TV series about Ruth Rendell's Chief Inspector Wexford, tried to watch Doctor Who 5.03, but I saw the WWII eps from season 1 too recently to enjoy this. Also, read books - I keep hoping a really engrossing book would lift me out of this mood, but while I have some good books, none seem to be really gripping.

* * *

Jan. 18th, 2010 12:55 am
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Spent Sunday cross-stitching (I bought a new kit and started it right away: photos  of my daily progress are here - picasaweb.google.ru/taelle/AutumnComingRuYi#) and watching Criminal Minds, catching up with season 5. I have now watched up to 5.08 (and decided I don't want to end the day by 5.09) - and they were good, but 5.07 reminded me too much of that ep with comics artist and 5.08... well, I hate prison scenes. I just do not like any prison stories at all. Also, I was worried about Eastern European fail - not that there was any of it in the end, but they had so little time given to that, so maybe it was just lucky.


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