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Jan. 5th, 2013 06:19 am
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I am kind of sad that cross-stitching doesn't seem to be a fannish hobby the way knitting is. I checked some friending memes and even people who list it as their interest don't really blog about it. Then again, neither do I, not really.

It's just that... I read some cross-stitching blogs on blogspot mainly, and they're kind of scary. They're all full of religious US patriots who cross-stitch US flags and Bible quotes for fun. And start their profile bios by 'My name is X, I love God, my husband, reading, cross-stitching etc.'.

Then again, I am not quite sure what I want from fannish cross-stitching blogging - fannish themes aren't always easy to do (I know people do portraits from photos but I'm... not fond of this). Maybe I miss chatting to someone about this online; and maybe I don't blog about it because blogging is still a kind of a dialogue for me.
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New Year's presents: sweets, some more sweets, two cross stitch kits, tea, P. D. James's Time to Be in Earnest.

I went to check GoodReads and you can apparently log in through Facebook, so I guess I am on GoodReads. Though I've yet to read anything in this year... though I cross-stitched a bit of one of the kits I was given (I like to start a new one on Jan1, and last Jan1 I started a kit from the same series).

I am also thinking about whether to try Flickr - some sites (like DW) don't much like Picasa code, and I do like to post photos sometimes, even though I have yet to go through, say, September ones from Novgorod.

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Nov. 18th, 2012 03:36 am
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It's a funny thing that makes us enjoy it when book/film characters like the same things we do (I assume I am not the only one in this). Like, books about people who like to read (and read the same kind of books). ... I have yet to see a book where someone cross-stitched, though - except for Monica Ferris's mysteries, but that's just cheating for my purposes, of course in cosy mysteries set in specific settings you can find people doing _anything_...
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I've been noticing that some books for me are like a test: I can handle people saying that they don't like/don't understand them, but when people start making _judgements_ on them, it makes me want to move back. Austen is a clearest example. "Austen? Oh, I am not interested in romance novels/chicklit/one more book about girls looking for husband'. Uhhhuh, and I am probably not interested in _you_.

Also, I've been reading an interesting blog, and its author had a post about bringing out and analyzing her internal convictions. And, well, she used crafts as an example - that for her paper crafts is stuff you do with kids, sewing and knitting is normal but still it's more economical to buy stuff... well, the basic conviction she discovered is kinda evident. And it threw me into thinking about me and crafts. Because my first instinct was 'She's right, and what I do is useless' - I do have some periods of thinking like that, usually stopped by 'and what _isn't_ useless?'

But. I know I am not interested in paper crafts, and sometimes I think it's because I find them useless, but. I know some people don't do cross-stitch because is useless... and maybe it is. I often find cross-stitching quoted as this ultimate example of useless fiddling, stuff old-fashioned spinsters/housewives do. And I certainly have a bit of inferiority complex because I use patterns created by others - not creative at all, basically a version of painting-by-numbers. (then again, I mostly consider myself not a creative person anyway).

So, am I trying knitting because it's useful? Because it's more creative? I certainly knit much worse than I cross-stitch (though it's difficult to cross-stitch badly) Even in fandom, knitting is kinda cool, and the only 'cool' cross-stitching is that book that offers patterns for cross-stitching the word 'fuck' and stuff like this.

... actually, no, I don't - I mean, I am also trying sewing, but that _is_ kind of practical, while knitting feels somewhat similar to cross-stitching for me, this process of doing things stitch by stitch, slowly, without trying to get this all at once (I am a slow person rather tired from the world that keeps wanting me to embrace whole processes at once and to be spontaneous and creative).

As for paper crafts, the simple truth is that I don't enjoy handling paper and cardboard the way I enjoy floss and yarn and fabrics.

I tend to forget this at times, though.

And I would love to knit better. And to not be afraid to sew and knit for myself (well, knit not-scarves for myself). And possibly to quilt.

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Jan. 26th, 2012 05:23 am
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Today was a terribly sleepy and slow day, with nothing in particular achieved. Well, some work. And some answering letters and comments - why do I keep delaying answering? Sometimes it feels like such a burden...

Oh, important goal reached: my father and I put up a set of my 'seasonal' cross-stitches. We've only been working towards that for about a year - that's how long they've been framed and a place has been chosen for them. Oh well, now I have a couple cross-stitchings that need to be framed - I wonder how long it will take (what with framing being expensive). But, well, I have decided that for a cross-stitcher's room mine is too bare of the fruits of my labour.

Speaking of the fruit of my labour, finished a sweater for a doll. Made from a sock, and not particularly delicate work and all, but - a result! How inspiring. And I need practice: I have a couple more blouses planned for this doll, and then I should move on to the other ones.

Reading Liz Williams's Precious Dragon and enjoying it very much, though today I made a detour for a Sharpe/Temeraire crossover - great work (and great dragons).

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Jan. 10th, 2012 04:06 pm
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An introverted person is, in my experience, is not someone who is shy/does not like to spend time with people. It's someone who gets _tired_ from spending too much time with people.

I need a vacation from my vacation. Also, do not feel like stitching my two main UFO cross-stitchings. Also, I want the post office to wake up and to bring me my Xmas/New Year mail - I believe I am due some of it.

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Dec. 1st, 2011 09:09 am
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I keep reading cross-stitching blogs, and many of them are by US stitchers. And it actually disturbs me a lot how much of their stitching features US flags, slogans like 'Land of the Free' and patriotic motifs. All-pervading nationalism and patriotism is scary to me...


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