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This Yule I wrote Family of Blood and Memories, an October Daye fanfic about... familial relationships around Toby, such as they are. This is a topic which probably deserves a longer fic - several longer fics, but at least about the Luidaeg I don't think I could have written more than I did - a drabble-sized bit was hard enough. I mean. It's the Luidaeg.

(I just wondered about a possibility of a HL crossover and her meeting with Methos. But among other things it would need careful work with mythologies: what are the Immortals in the world with fairies?)
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I am still at October Daye books. I am definitely reading fanfics after I am done with the books, because _more_ bad things continue to happen to Toby. No, this is not exhaustingly grim: she has support and friendship, but I feel the need for in-between moments. The time when they all had a picnic instead of trying to get killed.
Very readable though. Especially now that it started to seem that there's an overarching plot.

I am also reading a lesbian romance by Karin Kallmaker called Just Like That which is basically a lesbian version of Pride and Prejudice. It keeps amusing me. I needed something amusing between October Daye and the Klemperer book which I'm still at, and the Polish history guide, which is interesting but not gripping and certainly not sunshine-y.
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Missed the Wednesday before (I think) and this one too, but I am still at the October Daye books - now have finished three and am in the middle of the fourth. Very good. Reminding me of the early Anita Blake ones, when there wasn't still overwhelming sex-and-manipulativeness. Also, grimness is offset by a number of nice people and good friends.

Also still slowly reading Klemperer. Still being horrified.

Also still reading the book about Poland. Decent about basics of history and landmarks, I suppose - though I am not yet qualified to judge, of course.

Future reading will, I suppose, be October Daye until I run out of those.

* * *

Jul. 31st, 2014 07:17 pm
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I have been reading and rereading the latest poem by Dmitry Bykov (and reading it out loud to myself). The one about the Malaysian airliner, except that it's not. I kinda regret that it's an English-language blog that I am having here and I can't post it here too.

Because it's important to me. Especially the way it ends. You see, the way things are going here, at least 80% of the population support Putin's policy or are even more rabid than that. I am an alien here. I always knew my political and social position isn't that popular, but in the last several months it turned out that I am an alien even to a lot of ordinary 'neutral' people who keep turning out to be rabid nationalists (I am still reading Klemperer and not liking that feeling).

And on top of that, out of the remaining 20%, the ones on my side, keep saying that we are doomed to this. To madness. That my country will never ever be an ordinary country among others; that nothing will ever be right, that the country, the people, will be nothing more than a bad example to humanity: see this? Don't do things like this.

And Bykov is saying: no, that's not Russia, I don't know what it is and I am not sure how to deal with this, but there's no proof that this is actually Russia as it is.

... meanwhile I missed Wednesday again, so belated reading report:

I finished Emperor's Agent, and it was rather cool. I really grew to like those people towards the end (I had a problem with 'I remember my past lives, I was this and that great person' initially, since I have met people who said this and they were tiresome and unpleasant, but I guess you are allowed to remember being Hephaistion and Robert Dudley in past lives if you're Michel Ney in this one). I wonder whether I should now go read the first book, or whether it would be unpleasant - Elza's relationship with Moreau doesn't seem to have been a nice one.

I also finished the Robin Hood time-hopping book I mentioned last time: a lot of fun. Pity there's no sequel. And the hero's modern views are a lot of fun in contrast with those that surround him ("Robin also believes in God? Damn!")

I have read the first October Daye book and found it very good, reminding me of the first Anita Blake books (and the bit about the fish is really scary: a horror you _really_ can imagine in your life).

I have started the second one... and then, reading the blurbs for the following books on Amazon, was kind of spoiled, so I paused. But I definitely will finish this one, and probably go on reading them, so that's for my reading plans.

Meanwhile I also started a book called 'Poland: a neighbor for thousand years', which is kind of a historical guidebook. The author is confusing at times (I am not sure what he wanted to say about Polish pronunciation, for example), but less confusing in history and respectful and interested, which is good since Poland was always a touchy subject here.

* * *

May. 5th, 2012 02:25 am
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Suddenly I rather want a Parasol Protectorate fic set a hundred years in the future. I mean, with so many immortal-type characters being so fashion-conscious, how would they deal with swinging London? Must ask for Yuletide if I don't forget and if it is still eligible.

Also, watched the first episode of Miss Fisher Mysteries, and it's excellent and fabulous. Only, what's that about her sister or whatever? Was it in the books and I forgot, or is it the scriptwriters' random attempt at character motivation?

* * *

Jan. 26th, 2012 05:23 am
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Today was a terribly sleepy and slow day, with nothing in particular achieved. Well, some work. And some answering letters and comments - why do I keep delaying answering? Sometimes it feels like such a burden...

Oh, important goal reached: my father and I put up a set of my 'seasonal' cross-stitches. We've only been working towards that for about a year - that's how long they've been framed and a place has been chosen for them. Oh well, now I have a couple cross-stitchings that need to be framed - I wonder how long it will take (what with framing being expensive). But, well, I have decided that for a cross-stitcher's room mine is too bare of the fruits of my labour.

Speaking of the fruit of my labour, finished a sweater for a doll. Made from a sock, and not particularly delicate work and all, but - a result! How inspiring. And I need practice: I have a couple more blouses planned for this doll, and then I should move on to the other ones.

Reading Liz Williams's Precious Dragon and enjoying it very much, though today I made a detour for a Sharpe/Temeraire crossover - great work (and great dragons).

* * *

Oct. 17th, 2011 07:50 pm
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I finally finished the job and earned a day off. ... I hate that state at the end of a big/difficult job, when you are often neither resting nor working at full strength, and feel you could finish it sooner if only you pushed harder... which you can't.

Returned to War and Peace, and Andrei at war. I still don't like him - and feel him slightly ridiculous in his inner musings. Probably all of us have momentary flashes of 'hey, I did such a great job, they're going to give me a medal', but it feels a bit childish to me to be offended at not being taken to see the emperor immediately with his depeche; and I'm not even talking about his "I need to go back to save our army" - not "do my bit", but to save everyone. Then again, he's a fan of Napoleon at that stage. Maybe Tolstoy really meant to show him as idiotic, I dunno. Tolstoy as a writer has such a lack of mercy towards people.

Also finished 'A Madness of Angels' by Kate Griffin, a fantasy novel abou urban magicians in London (thanks, [profile] calanthe_b). I did not love any of the characters here, but I loved the idea, the description of urban sorcery, and London seen through the eyes of someone for whom it's a source of magic. And also it was interesting to puzzle out what actually happened to Matthew.


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