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So I finished Broken Homes and read Foxglove Summer in the last week. In fact, I finished Foxglove Summer like ten minutes ago... The ending feels kind of abrupt and makes me impatient for the next book, but I was glad to see Peter out of London and more or less on his own.

The magic in those books is more or less traditional 'Renaissance' magic (unlike HP magic) which anyone can learn having worked enough - and Peter did say in this last book; but what about Lesley? Didn't Zach once say that she got magic after dealing with Punch and all that stuff?

... so I don't really know yet what I'll be reading next. I mean, I have some non-fiction lined up, but nonfiction-wise I still haven't finished the Companion to Modern Japan (it's funny about the different authors - I finished the article about school culture very quickly, and now there's one about work culture which is so dense, I have difficulty with it. A lot of difficulty). I am also reading Jan Morris's Oxford a little. But I do want to start some fiction too, not sure what yet. Maybe I shall go look at Rivers of London fic at AO3.

Oh, and I also reread Hamlet for the FL course. It's weird how most of my thoughts about that are kind of fanfic-shaped - about the characters' background and reasoning; not all, though.
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What I have read: I have finished rereading Aaronovitch's Rivers of London and Moon over Soho and read Whispers under Ground.

What I am reading: Broken Homes.

What I am planning to read: Foxglove Summer ... those are the kind of books I can't stop reading (well, I can, but. Life doesn't stop for books, more's the pity)

Strangely, I see a bit of myself in Peter Grant (I am not much for self-identifying with book characters, and usually not with men): this 'ability to get distracted' for which he is so often reproached by Lesley and Nightingale, and keen interest in _things_)

But actually I have been reading other things too - a little) Still browsing Polish Embroidery, a little of Jan Morris's Oxford, a little of Cambridge Companion to Modern Japanese Culture.
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What I have just finished reading: on Dec31 I read a Russian fantasy novel (not translated) about a random guy who ends up in a body of young Border Guards officer in the late 19th century and uses his technical knowledge (he's a gun nut and supposedly just generally good at technology) to get himself a fortune as a manufacturer (at the same time being awfully good at border guarding). A fairytale for boys; there's a sequel where this guy has plans to avoid coming revolution and the like. Why are all such books so empire-minded?

What I am reading now: (only what I am _actively_ reading)

H.V. Morton's A Stranger in Spain - I like Morton's travel writing, both for descriptions and for interest in people (and also for assuming that his readers have the same cultural baggage - I wonder if his original readers actually did have the same classical and Christian allusions on their minds).

Gordon Corrigan's Wellington, A Military Life - looks like I'm on a Napoleonica (for lack of a better name) kick again, and I like Wellington (I get a thrill from reading about people who are basically orderly by nature, 'cause usually people worthy of being written about, both in fiction and in biographies, are the messy creative types).

Graham Parry's Trophies of Time - a part of my 'maybe let's revive the dissertation' reading program. Essays/articles about antiquaries, some better known, some practically unknown.

Simon Schama's Citizens - 1000 pages All About French Revolution. Interesting and more balanced than I usually see (growing up in USSR I read all about how awesome revolutionaries were, later on I see mostly stuff about how awful the revolutionaries were).

What I am planning to read next: have no foggiest idea - probably should finish some other books I pecked into/left unfinished. Probably still Napoleonica.


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