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So I went to Israel for a week and it was pretty awesome (and I have 700+ photos to deal with). I want to come again, with a route more tailored to my particular touristic tastes. I am not sure I'd want to _live_ there, though (summer weather!), even though I may end having to.

Also, once again I feel annoyed at myself for not knowing all the languages. Oh well, my slots for language-learning all taken for now.

Also want to read more about current culture/social situation there. We ended up watching a strange program we first thought was a reality show and then I am not sure (just because it had Russian subtitles), and we ended up researching what was a freha and what problems are connected to this.

Reading-wise (this started as a belated Wednesday reading post, after all) I mostly read Rivers of London fanfics. I started reading a Petit Fute guide book but haven't finished it yet; also started a memoir by an Israeli officer of the pre-Independence/ Independence War era, very fascinating.

I did finish Lia Silver's Prisoner, which was interesting - I somehow loved the life at the secret base being actually life - but did not feel like a whole book.
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So I finished Broken Homes and read Foxglove Summer in the last week. In fact, I finished Foxglove Summer like ten minutes ago... The ending feels kind of abrupt and makes me impatient for the next book, but I was glad to see Peter out of London and more or less on his own.

The magic in those books is more or less traditional 'Renaissance' magic (unlike HP magic) which anyone can learn having worked enough - and Peter did say in this last book; but what about Lesley? Didn't Zach once say that she got magic after dealing with Punch and all that stuff?

... so I don't really know yet what I'll be reading next. I mean, I have some non-fiction lined up, but nonfiction-wise I still haven't finished the Companion to Modern Japan (it's funny about the different authors - I finished the article about school culture very quickly, and now there's one about work culture which is so dense, I have difficulty with it. A lot of difficulty). I am also reading Jan Morris's Oxford a little. But I do want to start some fiction too, not sure what yet. Maybe I shall go look at Rivers of London fic at AO3.

Oh, and I also reread Hamlet for the FL course. It's weird how most of my thoughts about that are kind of fanfic-shaped - about the characters' background and reasoning; not all, though.
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What I have read: I have finished rereading Aaronovitch's Rivers of London and Moon over Soho and read Whispers under Ground.

What I am reading: Broken Homes.

What I am planning to read: Foxglove Summer ... those are the kind of books I can't stop reading (well, I can, but. Life doesn't stop for books, more's the pity)

Strangely, I see a bit of myself in Peter Grant (I am not much for self-identifying with book characters, and usually not with men): this 'ability to get distracted' for which he is so often reproached by Lesley and Nightingale, and keen interest in _things_)

But actually I have been reading other things too - a little) Still browsing Polish Embroidery, a little of Jan Morris's Oxford, a little of Cambridge Companion to Modern Japanese Culture.
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What I have read:

My most recent finish is Understanding Cultures through Their Key Words: English, Russian, Polish, German, and Japanese, by Anna Wierzbicka. Apparently Wierzbicka is a big proponent of the idea of the natural semantic meta-language, meaning that it is possible to distinguish semantic primes - basic concepts that can be understood innately (something like I, You, Big, Small, etc). And here she uses those primes to compare/analyze key words/ideas from different languages - words like friend, family or motherland. A lot of food for thought, that's for sure. There are also chapters on Australian words (like the Australian use of bastard) and on Japanese key words like on or giri - the Japanese one was the least interesting for me, maybe because I don't really know any Japanese, and I regretted her not going more into the Japanese versions of the words in first chapters (she does mention some stuff about 'friend' words in Japanese, and that's all.

What I'm reading:

I'm rereading Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London b/c I got the third book, so I am planning to reread the first two. These first two are now translated into Russian, but I am not sure I want to know what people are saying about it - a lot of Russians like England/are interested in it, but not only have their idea of it stuck at the Sherlock Holmes level but also actively reject any updating.

I am also looking through the "Polish Embroidery" album by Jadwiga Turska, which is, well, an album of folk embroidery. Seems a good one for now.

What I'm going to read:

Definitely two more of Aaronovitch, and we'll see after that.


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