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So I went to Israel for a week and it was pretty awesome (and I have 700+ photos to deal with). I want to come again, with a route more tailored to my particular touristic tastes. I am not sure I'd want to _live_ there, though (summer weather!), even though I may end having to.

Also, once again I feel annoyed at myself for not knowing all the languages. Oh well, my slots for language-learning all taken for now.

Also want to read more about current culture/social situation there. We ended up watching a strange program we first thought was a reality show and then I am not sure (just because it had Russian subtitles), and we ended up researching what was a freha and what problems are connected to this.

Reading-wise (this started as a belated Wednesday reading post, after all) I mostly read Rivers of London fanfics. I started reading a Petit Fute guide book but haven't finished it yet; also started a memoir by an Israeli officer of the pre-Independence/ Independence War era, very fascinating.

I did finish Lia Silver's Prisoner, which was interesting - I somehow loved the life at the secret base being actually life - but did not feel like a whole book.

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Ooooh, where did you go (and will you be sharing any pictures)? I'm always curious about what people think of trips there; my mother is Israeli and I spent a month with relatives there when I was thirteen (and sadly haven't been able to go back since), so it's interesting to see where my perspective is different.
Summers aren't too bad if you're on the coast, at least. I remember Haifa being fairly pleasant ... and the rest miserably hot. Ugh, summers. Especially inland ...

ALL THE LANGUAGES. T_T I really wish I had the time and brain cells to learn more, or that I'd gotten more as a child. And I should really pick my German studies back up ...


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