Sep. 27th, 2014

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I am rather passionate about information and hate not knowing things.

I also mostly not ask people things - the kind of simple things that most people do ask. Even if I do want to know them (especially if I do). Like, I am the kind of friend that will not ask "Now that you failed this exam what are you planning to do?", because I figure enough people are asking you that already, and one more question might feel too aggressive/tiresome.

This, of course, reflects how _I_ usually prefer to be dealt with, and I am sort of slowly recalibrating it with people I do know, but still. Kind of weird logically.

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Sep. 27th, 2014 08:55 pm
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Reading blogs - including blogs of people you don't know but read regularly - is a weird experience because it lets you get to know people's mental and emotional state much better than it would happen in real life. And also because it often makes me want to comment asking "But whyyyyy? Why do you think this/react like this to that?" except that this is a kind of question you don't ask someone you don't know (or, often, someone you know either).

(I never grew out of the desire to ask 'Why?' - and for things like 'why do you like the thing you like', too: I was told again and again this is not a question to ask, and it doesn't have any answer, but that just made me want to find an answer. And made me get better at self-analysis, because no one else would try and tease out why).

(By now I am fairly sure I would not really understand the answer - but it would expand my mental base of "people react like this to that - weird but true")

... about the weird things that make me want to ask 'why' - too many people around seem to believe their life has two modes, "I am totally adjusted, have good plans and follow them all the time" and "I am a hopeless failure and my life is a mess". But whyyy... or better, how?


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