Nov. 18th, 2012

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Nov. 18th, 2012 03:36 am
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It's a funny thing that makes us enjoy it when book/film characters like the same things we do (I assume I am not the only one in this). Like, books about people who like to read (and read the same kind of books). ... I have yet to see a book where someone cross-stitched, though - except for Monica Ferris's mysteries, but that's just cheating for my purposes, of course in cosy mysteries set in specific settings you can find people doing _anything_...

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Nov. 18th, 2012 04:05 am
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I am randomly inspired to write a wishlist - because I've been reading other people's, and I like wishlists (I also like people's lists of favourite books and other personal lists like this)

I mean, I know this is silly, because I do have a wishlist over at my Russian blog and I don't much socialize with people here, but still. It's my space to be silly in.

- I have an Amazon wishlist!
- There is also a list of Takarazuka recordings not-on-DVD that I would love to find, but _this_ is too silly for here.
- I want to cross-stitch more samplers and am looking for interesting sampler patterns! However, a lot of it seems to be historical patterns with other people's names which I find peculiar, or things like US flags. Books and tea stuff I find more inspiring (I doubt there are fannish sampler patterns anywhere)
- I am also hesitant about putting fanworks into my wishlist because I am still insanely fannish about Takarazuka and everyone even remotely involved already knows everything I like and want (I think. I am chatty. Especially Tumblr makes me chatty. I am not going to Twitter ever: the world does not need that)
- Sewing patterns for Kurhn dolls, especially historical ones (Barbies too, I think - I do have some Barbie-sized dolls).
- I still like postcards! And letters. I love getting letters as in ones written on paper.
- I would also love to find pretty stationery. For writing letters on it. Somehow it's a problem.


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